Here you can buy PiKVM device from our resellers!

Australia: Core Electronics


Czech Republic:


France:, Elektor

Germany: Welectron, Elektor

Greece: Nettop

Malaysia: Cytron

Netherlands: Elektor

Singapore: Cytron

South Korea: Netsket

Sweden, Norway: DirekTronik


Thailand: Cytron

United Kingdom: Pimoroni, The Pi Hut

United States:, CloudFree

Vietnam: Cytron

If your country is not listed above
or your local reseller is out of stock, you can order from
HiPi International Store

Want to be in this cool list? You run a Pi/electronics store and your country is not listed here?
Drop us a line and we will be happy to talk.
Our goal is to make PiKVM available (locally) in all 195 countries! :)